Friday, December 16, 2011

For the Bronies, some of my other Ponies...

Hi! Nice to see you stopping by to read up a bit.  Stay a while a listen.. *snicker*

No seriously, it is all crappy cell phone pictures but hey.. lets get ponies going.

One of my favorite white-board works at my job.  Done to honor the return part time of our beloved Boss, a man who lived and love children who gave 40 years to alternative education.. Bernard Vigallon.  If there ever was a man to look up to, it was him.  So I ponyified him.  He recently lost a kidney to cancer so I kind of took a que from Apple Buck Season and gave him some eyyyuup bandages.   For a joke here at work while he was going through his cancer hell we made a hello kitty joke: Goodbye Kidney. So that is on there as well.  He loves the Raiders and grew up in Oakland.  Behold the honored Bernard Ponylon, who wants you to... show up, be cool, and take care of business!

Next up is Sweety Belle, who also happened to be the very first Pony I drew.

The pretty lady was drawn by a friend of mine who also is an artist. We handle expulsions in this room and she loved my idea of white-board drawing.  It helped her work out some feelings.

Another Sweety Belle, literally my first pony from my sketch book, you can see my struggle!  The shame...

More CMC :D
Apple Bloom!

Last but certainly not least, and way too over looked.  Scootaloo!  Who, is not a chicken.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The First Mina, never before show.

This is a photo of my first Mina Drawing, taken from my sketch book. She really came to life that day. She was based off the Kynitia by David Revoy. Thanks for the endless inspiration.

Every Girls Dream, Equestria Daily December Draw-Off Submission

Everything I do has a story to it or some background reason.  I chose this one to submit not just because it is my second completed digital paint but that it has great personal meaning to me.

I call this piece, Every Girl's Dream.  The girl riding Rainbow Dash is the image of my deceased twin-sister, Wilhelmina.  She died at birth and throughout my life I never knew I had a twin.  Instead something always haunted me in my youth, something like a missing shadow in my life.  It is only within the last few months that I learned of her existence, at age 33.  I asked my Mother and she confirmed the truth to me.  Thirty-three years of missing someone to whom I could never bury or mourn.  So I did this piece as well as others as my way of giving life to my long lost twin, whom I love deeply.  I know, that like myself, she would be a brony/pegasister.  I share her because she lived, yet never got the chance to live.  No tombstone marks her grave, no birth record shows that she existed, but she lived.  So somewhere in heaven she is getting a ride on RD. Fly Dashie, fly!

I would like to mention those who have helped me, someone who has been drawing only since September.   David Revoy, who remains my inspiration and mentor.  A man of great skill and whose willingness to share his skills with the world to encourage more art is always worthy of note.  Also to the person whose handle is Nightmare Moon, your RD flying image solved the pose problem for RD for me.  You deserve to be mentioned because I was having hell getting Rainbow Dash positioned correctly and your art held the key.