Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Argosian Mint 12 Script is currently broken and update on Wacom


Just a note, script is broken at the moment.  I am reassessing the situation and have been running some tests.  Mainly, GIMP 2.7.5 breaks lots of things.  That and we still get some weirdness living on the edge with the bleeding edge repositories.

My thought was that we would be able to make it through to the end and the release of some stable things these coming months.  That appears to not be the case. So I am taking a hard look at building a script to make something STABLE enough to last you artists till 12.04 LTS, at which point many of us should migrate to a Long Term Support.  There are a ton of migration related things going on in nearly every package.  This gets to my next point.

libwacom is going through some changes, kind of like puberty..  What does that mean?  It means that every time I have tried to write something to get my wacom control panel into life something changes and breaks it.  So I am sitting on my hands waiting for some stability to return to Linux in that regard because.. well because there are some heavy changes in libwacom in the pipe that will make it much better but.. patience is now the name of the game.  Kind of like waiting for Gimp 2.8 to be released to see if we can actually build it against the 11.10 library set of Mint 12.