Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Argosian Mint 12 Script is currently broken and update on Wacom


Just a note, script is broken at the moment.  I am reassessing the situation and have been running some tests.  Mainly, GIMP 2.7.5 breaks lots of things.  That and we still get some weirdness living on the edge with the bleeding edge repositories.

My thought was that we would be able to make it through to the end and the release of some stable things these coming months.  That appears to not be the case. So I am taking a hard look at building a script to make something STABLE enough to last you artists till 12.04 LTS, at which point many of us should migrate to a Long Term Support.  There are a ton of migration related things going on in nearly every package.  This gets to my next point.

libwacom is going through some changes, kind of like puberty..  What does that mean?  It means that every time I have tried to write something to get my wacom control panel into life something changes and breaks it.  So I am sitting on my hands waiting for some stability to return to Linux in that regard because.. well because there are some heavy changes in libwacom in the pipe that will make it much better but.. patience is now the name of the game.  Kind of like waiting for Gimp 2.8 to be released to see if we can actually build it against the 11.10 library set of Mint 12.


  1. Thanks for the infos Nathaniel.

    Here I hope Krita 2.4 , Mypaint 1.0 and Gimp 2.75 will be easy to install for future 12.04 basis of many other distribution. Thanks also for promising keeping working on.

    Following the bleeding-edge is hard. I will continue with Krita and Mypaint for sure, but for Gimp , I will probably stick to a last release and drop Gimp-painter defintely when Krita 2.5dev will have the textured brush system working ( almost finished, thanks to Boud on the development )

  2. I am about to tear my hair out. I busted my clean base Mint12 VM.. oops. Now I am having difficulty creating a new base image to complete my Script rework and run the needed tests. I have the week off to get as much done as I can and only wrote 4 pages of my book and am pretty much spinning my wheels on the script. I have a fear that this week is going to slip by really fast and I need to cram in as much stuff as I can. My goal was 40-50+ pages written.. and it still is. I have art hanging over me too. One man.. does too much.

    I had to stop posting my 5 year old notes because I read somewhere that blogspot is under some google licensing that may allow them to try to own my IP.. I am researching it...

  3. There is no hurry for a script or for fix , and I would advice you to complete your story writing, and complete this challenge of page count you did with yourself as a priority.
    12.04 will be another storm on the next month, and I will have to wait it's release + 2 or 3 month ( and LM13 ) to start testing around and see if Cinnamon-desktop evolved in a goodway, and if KDE is still usable after 4.7 , also I will try if XFCE say new stuff...etc...

  4. Aww I am one of those obsessive types. Give me a challenge and it mocks me so I have to get there.

    Script is FIXED :) Though, perhaps taken in a new direction to give our users some peace and quiet for a month or so. I got 6 pages written today, worked out, went shooting, and fixed the script. I think, I don't know how to have fun, fun is working, fun is producing cool things. Today was.. fun in retrospect. haha! links updated in main Script Post. Version 1.4 is in action!

  5. Very cool :)
    And I know what you talk about for all the 'fun' paragraph ;)