Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brace yourself, summer is coming!

Since I work in education, summer is a time when I can get a lot done.  So look forward to new things, and I pray the Wacom rises then as well.  It also may sign my doom.

Let me be very real.  My wife has been out of work for over two years.  After hundreds of applications we have worked away at what streams of income we can generate by our hands and that has enabled us to limp through these times.  But I don't know if I will get any extra assignments this summer from my job as the State has been in financial crisis for some time and money is tight.  I am facing the end of my road but refuse to go down without a fight.

Things might go well or they might not.  I will do my best to remain active here and do what I have promised.  We can look on the bright side, as long as where I am living does not kick me out for not paying rent I will be able to work online.  My book comes apace and will be done some time early summer where it will go out for editing.  I don't think it will come in time to save me from any disaster but when you face your end, never stop.  Keep doing and trying and looking at every avenue.  You never know what tomorrow might reveal.

You know, I have lost count of the number of times the end of the road has seemed to come near to me.  Every time something happens and I find I can go on.  So to, this time, I believe.  The past fourteen years have taught me much about enduring and about surprising ways things come about.  I do not normally like talking about this stuff with others.  It is my trial and my choices that have born me here and I don't want others to feel any obligations towards me.  It isn't my way of living.  It is not the faith that drives me.  I pray that in these coming months that you will bear witness to great things and successes or failing that, then that you see that I endure and continue, should that not be then that you will see how a man stands strong through things and how you walk through the fires of life to emerge into that new day, which dawns fresh each morning.

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