Friday, February 24, 2012

Nov 5, 129 SE

Nov 5, 129 SE

I have not slept since my last entry. Neither have any of our base personnel, we are all using Toran Stimms to keep functional. We won’t be able to maintain this level of work for long. I intend to get some sleep after this entry so that I can be fit to greet the Commodore on his arrival tomorrow. We were shocked at the amount of data that has already been collected over these encounters. The media lead us to believe little was known, but that wasn’t the case. We have confirmed that a single ship design is present at all events. That no weapon discharges were found, that a strange residual energy was present at all events. Rather, a lack of energy, like a footprint, like something warped the energy fields and then left this footprint behind. The most wonderful bit of data was a short vid clip from a ships exterior camera just before all power was lost to the ship. We saw it, the Zeno’s ship. It was like nothing we have seen before. We can now also confirm that the Zeno Ship did not fire on the cargo transport Splendity, at least while the camera had power and the ships reactors 4 and 5 went super critical mere seconds after the camera shutdown and the ship was destroyed. I am pretty certain the Commodore will try to paint this as a weapon and an attack, but I don’t get that feeling. You can never take a Zeno’s actions and judge them by our morals. It just doesn’t work. You would think that by now the military would have Zeno Interaction Training. No, they keep trying to anthropomorphizing a Zeno’s actions. For more details I have attached a copy of the report I will be presenting tomorrow.  The new species has been given an official numeric identification and has been registered with the Earth Zeno Database: X23319

--attached file-- Report-Zeno-X23319-Incident Analysis

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