Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journal Records of Zenology Field Chief Alexandre Totenknoph

Journal Records of Zenology Field Chief Alexandre Totenknoph,
Head of Zenology Research Base Tallon II, K-191B Cluster,
Dominion of Terran Systems

Nov 3, 129 SE

I will try to record everything that will go on over the coming months and possibly years. For some time, ships entering the galactic fringe zone between the Western Arm and a super massive star cluster, that is better labeled a dwarf galaxy, have been destroyed. We even lost a nascent colony on Zor VIII. In every case the last recorded event was a massive power drain and the subsequent cataclysmic destabilization of the reactor or reactors of involved vessels and colonies. Today I was handed a missive, as the head of the Zenology Research Base closest to the incidents, that said information was forth coming from our first recording of the cause of these events. That it was sent to me clearly indicates that we have a Zeno incident. I will write more when I know more, they are currently transmitting all pertinent data to our base. We are to head the investigation. A small fleet is being dispatched and will arrive in three days. They are to be at out disposal. The captain is hand carrying my orders, they are from the Senate themselves and sealed. I am so excited about a new Zenos, yet something feels as if a chill shadow is laying over me.

In addition, I consider myself a saint for what I have had to tolerate as of late.  Kyle Fredrickson's damnable spawn continue to be allowed by staff to run freely about the facility.  I have censured him and others several times over this but to no avail.  Though I am the head of this base, I am accorded little honor and respect for my high position. I have considered requesting a recall on all families so that the scientists and engineers here can focus on their very important work without the distractions of family.  I suppose others would just call me cold and heartless, but this is important science!

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