Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A bit of Fun.

I have been long working on many quiet projects and hobbies.  One of which is writing, which I enjoy immensely.   What seems like almost a decade ago I was involved in a silly game with some friends on the Internet to create a story of galactic proportions where we each wrote the part of our own species.  After the game was over, we had quite the lore.  Some of us went on to deepen it and expand.  Out of this came a race called Valdorians.  I have never left them off, but over time evolved them.  I decided some time ago to write a series of fun adventure stories based in their universe.  Time and life has a habit of getting in the way of things so I am just now picking back up the project. 

Part of some work I did about 5 years ago on this was an experiment in writing a Journalized Account.  I enjoyed it and kept the work but never shared it.  So, each day, over the next week I will post a single entry from this work.  It isn't long but will act sort of a teaser for the Adventure Stories to come later.

This is an account from a persons private logs.

Look to the next post for the first installment.

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