Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just some of my chaos works.

Have not had much time for artworks as you all know.  Here is a few of my started and ready to start painting chaoses (from alchemy/or other programs).  No, I don't just draw ponies, heh.

This is an abstract horse that I doodled on a scrap of paper and then transfered later with my tablet. It had such a primitive cave-painting feel that I just love it the way it is. The horse is rearing or running on the ground (the curve at the bottom). This expresses freedom and life of the running horse. The sun is high in the sky and has a mythic or deific feel. The strange small mark is a Man-Symbol. It is wearing a dance costume to perform the dance of celebration of life and freedom.

Guardian in the Night, I saw in this chaos a cave at night with blue lighting and yellow warmth from the cave with sharp mountains in the background. A dog is curled up next to a fire with wisps of cold mist that moved along the cold ground.

Shadow Cat, a metaphysical creature known as a shadow, formed from night essence. Shadows are very fragile and mimic whatever creature they contact. This one found a cat and became a shadow cat. All cat with no substance.

Big Ugly Demon Dude. I have always liked this one. I wrecked this about 10 times over while working on it and it still turned out pretty good!

Doodling again but this time in GIMP Painter I ended up with this. It is a woman sitting on a pillow, her legs tucked under her and to the side.

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