Saturday, February 11, 2012

RC1 Stress Relief .. or... how I decomission Hard Drives

I am an avid 2A advocate.  It stands to reason I am avid shooting fan as well.  Well living out in the country like I do gives me the freedom to shoot, when, how, and where I like. In the back acreage for example.  As with all things safety comes first.  Even more importantly know your laws.  Being a 2-A advocate means you need to know the laws better than just about anyone else (even most lawyers).  This is for your own safety.

So, RC1 is out.  I am tired, it was hard.  I have not been out shooting for a good while so I grabbed some dead hard-drives and proceeded to decommission them one round of my hand-loaded .38 Special 158gr LSWC at a time.

Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that our data recovery efforts failed.  Our lab technician thought you meant stress test the drives.  We can assure you that the data on the disks, however, is safe from ever being recovered by any means known to man.
-Data Recovery Experts (just kidding).


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